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Welcoming businesses

Welcome to Paris La Défense !

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Making it easier for companies to establish themselves in the business district of La Défense with a customised service.

As Europe’s first business district, both in terms of urban density and number of headquarters, La Défense boasts a flexible and continuously updated and renovated real estate portfolio. Aside from its highly impressive towers and their exceptional environmental performance (Carpe Diem, Majunga, D2…), other highrises are also undergoing extensive renovation (Eqho, Athena, CB21…). These projects are part of what gives a strong emblematic and international character to Paris La Défense, the only business district of the Grand Paris that can boast such a portfolio.
Although 81% of employees currently state that they are happy to work at La Défense (BVA survey), this is also due to its offer of services (businesses and facilities) and its quality of life. Many cultural and festive events are organised all year-round, boosting the district’s friendly and lively atmosphere.

A customised service to welcome businesses

Moving is always a particularly intense time, for both the business and its employees. From the moment they arrive at their new premises, Defacto offers a highly customised welcome package: providing maps, information on the various cultural events, organising guided tours, distributing digital kits for practical information… 


In order to better support the companies setting themselves up at La Défense and to enable their employees to better navigate the site, Defacto has put in place a system of temporary pedestrian signage, starting from the car parks and public transport exits and leading up to their offices.

User guide: welcome to La Défense!

Aside from being Europe’s first business district, La Défense is also a lively hub of entertainment all year round.
Defacto offers recently arrived employees a user guide for La Défense. Festivals, shopping centres, green  itineraries, restaurants, transport networks, local shops, public services, works of art… This booklet contains all the essential practical information that employees would need to make the most of La Défense and discover its many features and facets. 
Defacto organises guided tours of the business districts aimed specifically at businesses. Escorted by a professional guide, decision-makers and employees can thus discover the open-air museum, the green spaces and even the business district’s stunning architecture.
This is the opportunity to find out more about the site’s main assets.


Getting in touch with Defacto

Isabelle Debernard
Project Manager – Business Services Development / Tél. :

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