For its 60th anniversary, Paris La Défense offers, from July 5th through October 21st, a unique artistic journey: Les Extatiques.

Since its inception, Paris La Défense has been a cultural territory that is unique in the world. Beyond its skyscrapers and globally renowned architecture, it’s a real open-air museum that will see the installation, just for the summer, of a contemporary art exhibit both on the esplanade as well as in areas normally closed to the public.

With Les Extatiques, Paris La Défense invites Fabrice Bousteau, Artistic Director of the exhibit, to envision a circuit that’s out-of-the-ordinary, the product of an encounter and a dialogue between this territory and the artists.

More than just an exhibit, Les Extatiques is a truly poetic voyage, designed by 9 artists: a gigantic bench envisioned by Lilian Bourgeat, the labyrinth of sunflowers from Fanny Bouyagui, Hanif Kureshiand his giant character, the ghost-like trees of Vincent Lamouroux, the upside-down building from Leandro Erlich, the musical score of Matteo Nasini, the Insta’mirrors from Encoreunestp, and the light display in a space under the concrete slabs from Pablo Valbuena; all of it, guided by the sounds crafted by the Soundwalk Collective (>> Download the sound trail here).

Somewhere between plays on scale, upheavals, twisted perspectives, and light effects, Les Extatiques invites inhabitants who are here for a day, a night, or forever to rediscover Paris La Défense through a truly unique artistic experience.