Artwork n°0 : Soundwalk : Paris La Défense

Artist : Soundwalk Collective




An artistic sound collective based between New York and Berlin, Soundwalk Collective offers, for Les Extatiques, an unprecedented sonic journey at the heart of Paris La Défense.

Written by Harry Bellet and narrated by actress Anna Mouglalis, this tale accompanies visitors in their discovery of the site and its artworks. Soundwalk: Paris La Défense makes Les Extatiques a multisensory experience where music, film, and contemporary art meet.

Soundwalk : Paris La Défense
Written by Harry Bellet and narrated by actress Anna Mouglalis

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Soundwalk Collective
Soundwalk : Paris La Défense, 2018
Script : Harry Bellet
Voice : Anna Mouglalis

Artistic direction : Stephan Crasneanscki
All music recorded by Soundwalk Collective in collaboration with Nicolas Becker at Atelier Baschet, Saint Michel sur Orge, France
All music performed and composed exclusively with the Structures Sonores Baschet, and using architectural resonances of La Défense in Paris
Sound recording and foley : Nicolas Becker
Additional music composition and sound design : Simone Merli
Production assistant : Jeanne Lacaille

feat. Anna Mouglalis
Re-composed and produced by Andrew Claristidge

Special thanks: Frederic Fradet at Atelier Baschet, Nicolas Becker, Analogue Foundation
Courtesy Soundwalk Collective, 2018