Organising an event

Customised support

Are you an agency, a company or an events planner ? Are you planning to organise an event on the site of Paris La Défense ? Then follow the instructions !

1 > Contact our events team at least 3 months before the date of the event and present your project (description, dates, length, expected scale...).

2 > Our team will help you put together your technical report (location scouting, technical constraints), safety and security, and will guide you towards the relevant departments.

3 > Once the organiser obtains the various agreements from the relevant authorities, they will receive an authorisation in the form of a public domain occupancy permit.

Our mission

Facilitating the hosting and organisation of your events and providing the required public space

• Commercial operations: product launch, roadshow, brand activation...
• Sports events: races, tournaments...
• Charity events: awareness campaigns, festivals, sponsored runs...
• Cultural events / programme: music festivals, exhibitions, general public events…
•  Film and photo shoots: short and feature film shoots, series, adverts, clips, TV shows...
• Street marketing : distribution, sampling, surveys, promotional vehicles...

Our commitment

Producing successful events

• Dedicated project managers on hand to advise you
• A technical team to support you in the coordination of your project
• A security service to recommend the right security measures to implement for the event.

Contact our La Défense events team at  • 01 46 93 19 00

Good to know

An official authorisation is necessary in order to organise an event on the public areas managed by Defacto.
Occupancy of these areas is subject to a licence fee depending on the type of event.
The public domain is also regulated by occupancy rules (available for download here).

>> Download the 2017 price list