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Exceptional sites for your events, an unparalleled location !

Its one-of-a-kind urban environment, its rich architectural heritage and the energy of its monuments makes La Défense the symbol of modernity and dynamism in France.

The greatest creators have succumbed to this original spirit.

Everyone can remember a captivating moment when an artist’s grace or the magic of an extraordinary performance made time stand still.
From Jean-Michel Jarre’s show-stopping concert to a syncopated summer’s night at the La Défense Jazz Festival, from the magic of Agam’s monumental fountain to the joyful flourishes of the La Défense Tours Circus or the enthusiasm of a charity race… to each his own memories…
This cultural calling is one of the foundations of Defacto’s mission: manage, promote and organize events in La Défense.
To fulfill this mission, we must create events that reflect the grandeur and uniqueness of the district.
Festivals, exhibitions, product launches, concerts, sporting competitions, charity events and more. La Défense aspires to become the number one venue for every event, inspiring creativity that towers above the towers!

Defacto’s teams are at your disposal. Don’t hesitate to convey to them your wildest dreams; we’ll do our best to make them come true!

La Défense boasts a solid reputation for the beauty of its architecture and its original urban environment. It must also be an exemplary arena for events of every kind. 

La Défense’s strengths


Only five minutes from the Arc de Triomphe, La Défense boasts an exceptional transportation network and maximum accessibility by car, bus, metro, tramway and train. Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport is a mere 25 minutes away. 


Built on the historic axis extending from the Champs-Elysées, La Défense features unparalleled urban perspectives. 


Every year, the 160,000 employees working in Europe’s premier business district share the neighborhood with 600,000 daily commuters, 20,000 residents, 8,000 students and 8 million tourists. 


A monumental and spectacular model of urban planning, La Défense boasts exceptional capacities to welcome visitors: the largest convention center in France, 160 hectares (395 acres) of car-free grounds, the largest shopping center in Europe and 12 hectares (29 acres) of green spaces. 


Art for everyone is a central attribute of La Défense. The district features an open-air museum with more than 60 original works by the greatest contemporary artists. 


The prestigious decors of La Défense also offer more intimate areas with distinct atmospheres: café terraces, flower gardens, neighborhood shops, waterfalls, a vintage carrousel, a vineyard, pétanque court, miniature plazas nestled at the foot of sky-scrapers, etc.

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