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Presentation of La Défense

8 million tourists in La Défense

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A Regional Tourism Committee study revealed that La Défense welcomes 8.4 million visitors each year.

Among them, six million are vacationers, including two million come from outside Paris or from abroad. 2.4 million are in La Défense on business, of which one million come from outside Paris or from abroad. People who come to La Défense from Paris and outlying areas are considered local visitors. The survey was conducted at the exits of suburban rail line (RER) and metro stations in La Défense after hundreds of individual interviews.

Those who have not been counted include persons coming from cities bordering La Défense, individuals coming by car to shop (who cannot be considered tourists or sightseers), people arriving at their hotel by taxi and tour groups in buses, which we estimate at between 250,000 and 300,000 people per year.

While the study was quantitative, it also helped paint a composite picture of visitor profiles and analyze their behavior: 51% say they come to La Défense to shop, although 20% of these shoppers are also interested in discovering the site.
Visitors spend an average of €70 on shopping and €13 on dining, which they find to be of unsatisfactory quality
(Source: CDT).

  • A remarkable and innovative architectural site
  • An open-air museum with more than 60 works of art
  • A significant event offering: numerous festivals and sales, holiday and sporting events are held throughout the year, along with an art gallery and cultural exhibitions
  • A robust retail offering: 44 million visitors to 4 Temps and CNIT per year, 250 shops.
  • High tourist numbers (8 million per year – 23,000 per day)
  • Pedestrian site
  • Quality hotel infrastructure
  • Location in the heart of the Greater Paris area
  • Arena stadium soon to open in nearby Nanterre


The tourism development strategy developed with economic and tourism-industry players (CCIP, CDT, CRT, UDOTSI, UNIBAIL, Cities of Puteaux and Courbevoie) has identified priority issues:

Improve visitor welcome at the site

  • Set up a system of information tailored to different audiences and site users
  • Create a visitor-welcome area
  • Schedule events and tours to help discover the site

Highlight the advantages of the site

  • Showcase its artistic and architectural heritage, urban history and economic activity with an action program

Make La Défense a recognized tourist destination

  • Create a La Défense brand; make La Défense a Greater Paris destination with its own unique image and a strong identity (architecture/urbanism, innovation, contemporary art)
  • Become a tourist destination recognized for its offerings for business travelers and vacationers; become known by the public and tourism-industry players (regional, national, foreign)
  • Integrate the area into tourism networks at various levels
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