Signage : instructions

It is fair to say that signage is the business district’s Achilles heel. It wasn’t generally considered to be an efficient system for finding one’s way around this original and complex site. Paris La Défense has therefore introduced a new system that better meets requirements in terms of clarification and simplification. 



"Achieving a high level of service for employees and residents is a necessity for an international business district. It’s a priority for Paris La Défense. One of our high-priority actions is the implementation of a new - eagerly awaited - signage system. As an ideas lab, a hub of creativity and innovation and a cultural cooking pot, La Défense must find a new burst of youthfulness and enthusiasm. Signage will be the first step."
Patrick Devedjian 
Chairman of Paris La Défense
and the department council of the Hauts-de-Seine 

New signs, new signage system

Responsibility, ambition, commitment: three words to share today with Paris La Défense to discuss the introduction of the new signage system.

Because navigating La Défense is currently quite difficult

We have tackled this change in a spirit of responsibility. Being the first business district in Europe brings with it a certain level of expectation on the part of various stakeholders. At the forefront of which are our occasional visitors. To meet these expectations, we will begin by addressing the issue of mobility and ease of movement and travel for all across the site.

Because a signage system is more than just icons and numbers

We’re also addressing this with the ambition it requires. Being exemplary, in practical terms, means essentially one thing: making things simple. It also means: being efficient. Listening to you all – that was the aim of the large public consultation – and taking action, committing to a strategy…

Because the change in signage involves a transition phase and a complex building site

Three ‘stages’ were introduced: first, the pedestrian signage system (put in place in the Autumn of 2010), the street plaques (January-March 2011) and finally the road signs (second trimester of 2011). Listening to you, understanding the improvements to carry out: your input is necessary so this signage system isn’t just La Défense’s signage system, it’s also your signage system.
If however you were to encounter any temporary difficulties in navigating the site, don’t hesitate to give us ...a sign at the following address :